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This is the Blog Page for:
Eugene - Director of The Film Institute.
Director/Producer/Writer Eugene promotes film & video productions on motion picture film, video tape, CDs/DVDs, and digital-video computer applications.
Assistance also available for Web-page design.

Motion picture-video production has been encouraged and offered through filmmaking workshops starting in 1977.

The Film Institute can design a program for members of your organization, community service group, outreach group, theater group, business, or other projects.

We also do production work for shorts, bands, documentaries, & features. Inquire about your next film/video project, or internet-related application for your web-page.
(No porno or xxx-rated projects.)

The Film Institute is an arts/education center dedicated to preserving film as an art form, alongside current applications in use for motion pictures.
Director Eugene has worked in the industry worldwide.
The arts/education/production center is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and maintains contacts in Hollywood and Israel.

We are presently looking for new studio space,
(1200-2000 sq.ft.), preferably donated.

If you have a script that you would be willing to let us produce, for a share of the profits, after we spend time revising it, hiring a film crew, actors, securing permits, arranging distribution, and basically, working for free on your half-finished idea, please contact our competitors, who will also not be interested.

If you have money to invest toward a finished project, I am always willing to read proposals.

If you are a former student from one of our filmmaking workshops, please send an Email & let me know what you are doing.

Have a nice day ;)

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